Intel Core Ghz

Intel Core I5-10500 3.1 Ghz 12 MB Smart Cache Processor Box

Intel Core I5-10500 3.1 Ghz 12 MB Smart Cache Processor Box
Intel Core I5-10500 3.1 Ghz 12 MB Smart Cache Processor Box
Intel Core I5-10500 3.1 Ghz 12 MB Smart Cache Processor Box

Intel Core I5-10500 3.1 Ghz 12 MB Smart Cache Processor Box    Intel Core I5-10500 3.1 Ghz 12 MB Smart Cache Processor Box
Intel core i5-10500, 10th generation intel® coret processors i5, lga 1200 (h5 socket), pc, 14 nm, intel, 3.1 ghz. Intel® optanet memory supports intel® optanet memory is a new revolutionary class of remanent memory that lies between system memory and storage to accelerate system performance and responsiveness. When combined with the intel® rapid storage technology driver, it transparently manages multiple storage levels while presenting a virtual reader to the se, ensuring that the most used data is hosted on the fastest storage level. Intel® optanet memory requires a specific hardware and software configuration. Intel® turbo boost technology intel® turbo boost technology increases the processor's frequency dynamically as needed, taking advantage of the thermal and electrical reserve to bring excess speed when needed and improved energy efficiency if not.

Admissibility of the intel® platform vprot intel® technology vprot is a set of security features and management simplicity integrated into the processor that addresses four key areas of computer security: 1 attack management, including protection against malicious rootkits, viruses and programs; 2 protection of identity and access points to websites; 3 protection of confidential, personal and professional data; 4 remote and local monitoring, intervention and repair of PCs and workstations. Intel® hyper-threading technology Intel® hyper-threading technology provides two execution units per physical court. Multi-process applications can cut down more work in parallel and thus complete tasks faster. Intel® virtualization technology (vt-x) Intel® virtualization technology (vt-x) allows a hardware platform to split into multiple virtual platforms.

It strengthens the ease of administration of the park, in order to limit service interruptions and prevent the resulting productivity declines, by isolating the operations concerned on an ad hoc partition. Intel® virtualization technology for distributed e/s (vt-d) intel® virtualization technology vt for distributed e/s (vt-d) extends the existing support of intel® virtualization technology vt for ia-32 (vt-x) and itanium® (vt-i) by adding a new support for virtualization of e/s devices. Intel® vt virtualization technology for distributed e/s can help users improve the security and reliability of their systems, as well as the performance of e/o devices in virtualized environments. Virtualization technology intel®vt-x with extended page tables, the virtualization technology intel® vt (vt-x) with extended page tables, also known as slat (second level address translation), accelerates virtualized applications that strongly require memory. Extended page tables on the platforms of intel® virtualization technology reduces the costs of memory and energy consumption, while increasing battery life through hardware optimization of the management of pagination tables. Intel® 64 intel® 64 architecture ensures 64-bit calculations on servers, workstations, pcs and mobiles when the platform is combined with compatible software. 1 Intel® 64 architecture improves performance by allowing systems to exceed the 4GB barrier to address virtual and physical memory. Instructional games The instructional set refers to the set of basic commands and instructions that a microprocessor understands and can execute. The indicated value represents the set of intel® instructions with which this processor is compatible. Extensions to the set of instructions extension to the set of instructions means additional instructions to improve performance when the same operations are performed on several data objects.

These extensions may include streaming simd extensions and avx (advanced vector extensions). States of inactivity states of inactivity, states "c", are used to save energy when the processor is inactive.

C0 is the operating state, when the processor has a useful activity. C1 is the first state of inactivity, c2 the second, and so on. The higher the status number c, the more energy saving actions implemented.

Intel speedstep® technology improved intel speedstep® technology is a sophisticated way to enable high performance while meeting the needs of mobile energy conservation systems. The classic intel speedstep® technology changes the voltage and frequency between high and low levels depending on the processor load.

The improved intel speedstep® technology builds on this architecture and uses design strategies such as separation between voltage and frequency changes, and partitioning and clock recovery. Thermal monitoring technologies monitoring technologies protect the processor package and the thermal failure system through thermal management functions.

An integrated digital thermal sensor (dts) detects the courtyard temperature and thermal management features reduce the electrical consumption of the package, and thus the temperature, as required, in order to stay within the normal operating limits. Intel® Identity Protection Technology Intel® Identity Protection Technology is an integrated security token that provides a simple and inviolable method to protect access to online data about your company and your customers from threats and fraud. This technology relies on hardware to uniquely identify a user's pc and prove to websites, financial institutions and network services that the attempt to connect does not come from malicious software. Intel® identity protection technology can be a key component of two-factor authentication solutions to protect your information when connecting to websites and corporate networks. Intel® program stable image platform The intel® program stable image platform can help your company identify and deploy standardised stabilized image computer platforms for a minimum of 15 months.

Processor family: 10th generation intel® coret i5, processor socket (processor receiver): lga 1200 (h5 socket), component for: pc. Memory channels: dual-channel, maximum internal memory supported by processor: 128GB, types of memory supported by processor: ddr4-sdram. Graphic adapter model included: intel® uhd graphics 630, built-in graphics card maximum memory: 64GB, built-in graphics card base frequency: 350mhz. Express pci configurations: 1x16,2x8,1x8+2x4, set of supported instructions: esse4.1, esse4.2, avx 2.0, scalability: 1s. Intel® turbo boost technology 2.0 frequency: 4.5 ghz.

10th generation intel® coret i5 processors. Number of threads of the processor. Thermal envelope (tdp, thermal design power). Frequency of the turbo processor. Memory band width supported by the processor (max).

Id ark of the processor. Maximum internal memory supported by the processor. Types of memory supported by the processor. Memory clock speeds supported by the processor. Maximum memory of integrated graphics card.

Dynamic frequency (max) of integrated graphics card. Number of displays supported by the built-in graphics card. Opengl version of integrated graphics card. Maximum resolution (hdmi) of integrated graphics card. Refresh rate at maximum resolution (hdmi).

Id of the integrated graphics card. Maximum number of tracks pci express. Version of the pci express locations.

Sse4.1, esse4.2, avx 2.0. Export Control Classification Number (ECcn). Automated commodity classification tracking system (ccats). Special features of the processor.

Technology trusted execution of intel®. Intel® turbo boost technology 2.0 frequency.

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Intel Core I5-10500 3.1 Ghz 12 MB Smart Cache Processor Box    Intel Core I5-10500 3.1 Ghz 12 MB Smart Cache Processor Box